Using Spotify on Android
It is very simple. What we will be doing is using a free US or UK VPN to download and sign into the android app.Once

you sign into the app, you will not need to use the VPN again. There are a lot of free VPN services available and you can use any of them.

To setup VPN on your Android device, go to “Settings > More” under Wireless & Networks and tap on “VPN“. In the VPN menu, tap on “Add VPN profile“.
Head over to this page and use the Hostname, Username and Password to add a new VPN profile on your phone.
 The password is dynamic and they keep changing the password after sometime. But you need the VPN just to sign in Spotify. So, once done, connect to the VPN and if everything is fine, it should connect to the UK VPN and will show up the notification in the notification bar of your phone.
You’re almost done now. You now have to open browser on your phone and open this page “”. Once the page loads, you can download the Spotify app APK from the page. Once the app gets downloaded, install it. Now make sure your phone is connected to VPN.
Open Spotify app and sign in to your account or sign up, and it should work fine. You don’t have to connect to VPN every time to use Spotify, you can use it on Cellular data or WiFi that you regularly use.

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